Domain Transfer In Just 3 Easy Steps

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Check it

Type your domain to see if it complies with our simple transfer requirements.

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Prepare it

Discuss the domain type requirement with us for a faster process.

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Submit it

Add your domain to the cart, we will automatically transfer your domain.

Keys for Successful Domain Transfer

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  • Domains should be legal and registered with a different registrar already.
  • Domains should be registered previously for at least 60 days.
  • With the new registrar, the domains need an activated status.
  • The contact details of the administrator must be up to date.
  • Get an authorization code to start the transfer.
  • Your Whois privacy protection should be deactivated.
Transfer Domain at FloppyHoster!!!

Transfer Domain That's Better Than Our Competition

Why Floppy Domain Transfer ?

You’re here as your current domain provider is not providing you with the service which you desired. Thus, you desire to consolidate your properties or it’s a call for change. Our purpose is to make this procedure as easy as possible for you.

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All In Its Place

If you are handling several domains, you can make things easy for you if you centralize them. We make the procedure convenient so it keeps your stress away.

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Anyone Can Start & Do It

You don’t have to be a technical genius. Our procedure is as straightforward as possible so that you can be up and running swiftly.

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Management Made Convenient

Subdomains? Forwarding? We offer everything that you need and our domain hosting management utilities are user friendly to use for all.

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Always Up & Running

We track your domains in real-time to ensure that your websites are always and running as you desire.

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Go Worldwide

You’re not confined to any fixed domains here. Choose from a wide variety of domain names like .info, .io, .net, .com, and .org.

Top-Notch Features That Will Level Up Your Domain Game!!

No matter which hosting or domain provider you choose, this applies to all. Everything at a single place makes it easier - full control over all your services without a renewal date missing, ease of use without any multiple accounts and passwords, and professional customer support with the solution you may require. It is worth it to transfer your domain name to FloppyHoster!!

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Domain Locking

Our technology prevents unauthorized transfer of your domain name to any unwanted site. Also, you have 100% control to unlock any domain registration you pick to so no matter the reason.

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Domain Renewal

Your registered domain names will be auto-renewed by default. It will avoid the expiry of any domain through unintended human error unintentionally.

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Easy Management

The interface of the control panel is designed in such a way that you can manage everything from a single dashboard without any hassle.

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Domain Privacy Protection

Your personal information is 100% protected, even if you remove it from the public WHOIS database. Privacy keeps changing constantly but it doesn't affect your site.

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Transfer Your Domains Securely To FloppyHoster Now!

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Our reliable service provides you the seamless transfer of domain ownership.
So, get ready to transfer your domain securely and conveniently to none another FloppyHoster!!

Domain Transfer FAQs

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