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A domain name is your business home on the web, the heart of your online identity. The website address you provide is a portal for people to see. It tells visitors who you are, where you are, and what you are doing.

Vast experience in the web hosting business enabled us to develop a powerful domain hosting server checker utility. With FloppyHoster, domain registration can be done in less than a few minutes!! We’ll offer the Lower Domain Price, Privacy Protection & Ability to Transfer the Domain Name.

We have served over a million people to find the best domains they can.

So why are you waiting? Register your domain now!

What You Can Expect?

floppy hoster register domain Simple, Quick Registration Process image

Simple, Quick Registration Process

floppy hoster register domain  Anywhere, Anytime image

Anyone Can Go With Floppy Domain Registration Anywhere, Anytime

floppy hoster register domain Secure & Private image

Id Protection – Keep Your Personal Info Secure & Private

Domain Name Registration Process

Commence Your Online Venture with FloppyHoster Now!!

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There are five (5) steps to registering a domain name:
Search for the domain name you like
If the domain name is available, select Floppy domain registration term
and enter your contact details and DNS information.
Review the information and make sure the data is correct
Select the box to approve the service agreement.
Submit your request with payment information.

Buy a domain at FloppyHoster!

Domain Registration Features

floppy hoster register domain Name server editing image

Name server editing

floppy hoster register domain Registration information image

Registration information

floppy hoster register domain Domain forwarding and masking image

Domain forwarding and masking

floppy hoster register domain Domain locking image

Domain locking

floppy hoster register domain Web-based control panel image

Web-based control panel

Benefits Of Owning A Domain

floppy hoster register domain visitors and customers image

Allow your visitors and customers to find you easily!

Domain names provide a clean, user-friendly, and easy option for accessing your website. The simple descriptive site is easy to remember as well as looks amazing on a business card!

floppy hoster register domain visibility & exposure on search engines image

Get better visibility & exposure on search engines

Enter a keyword-rich domain name and gain an instant boost to your marketing efforts

floppy hoster register domain personalized email addresses image

Set up personalized email addresses is a fundamental approach to your email communications. It can also be challenging to find a proper address through local email providers

floppy hoster register domain Protect your identity, ideas, and business image

Protect your identity, ideas, and business

Prevent others from squatting or hijacking on your online identity. Keep it safe even if you want to build a site later!

floppy hoster register domain Make a calculated investment image

Make a calculated investment

Are you unable to find the right keywords? Then, we recommend you try making some random and unique ideas using creative domains like,, etc

Why Choose Us

The reasons why you should signup with our company

We care about our clients and we’re always here to address various DNS issues and resolve them quickly.

We strongly believe that domain name registration should not be a lengthy and painful process. We strive for that.

If you are using hosting or getting email services from another provider, you can still register

If you are using hosting or getting email services from another provider, you can still register domain names.

Register domain name, get an invoice instantly and make an online payment - quickly and easily.

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